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Silk Commission third meeting Communiqué

Published 10 January 2012

The Commission on Devolution in Wales held its first meeting of 2012 today in Cardiff.

Commission members received an update on the meetings held and the work of the Secretariat since the last meeting.  Members approved the last meeting’s minutes.

A number of distinguished academics joined different parts of the meeting to offer their views on a range of topics.  These included:

• Prof Richard Wyn Jones was joined by Prof Roger Scully to summarise what the polling evidence suggests about the constitutional preferences of people in Wales and across the UK and changing attitudes to fiscal arrangements.
•Prof Richard Wyn Jones also outlined the work of the ‘Wales in a changing UK’ project.
• Prof Bernd Spahn, Public Finances, Goethe University, Germany, and a former member of the Holtham Commission, joined a discussion on international devolved fiscal systems.
• Prof Jim Gallagher, Prof David Miles, Dr Gillian Bristow and Alan Trench joined a panel discussion on the Commission’s work and the Holtham report.​

A paper was presented by the Secretariat on the principles of tax devolution and Commission members discussed initial reflections on Holtham’s recommendations.

Commission members received an update on plans for public events across Wales.  It was agreed to hold a series of initial public events and evidence gathering sessions in Swansea, Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Caernarfon, Bangor, Llandudno, St Asaph, Wrexham and Welshpool in March with further events to follow at a later date.  It was also agreed that the Commission would produce a questionnaire and leaflet.

A research programme for the Commission was also agreed.

The next Commission meeting will be held on 13 February.

Commission on Devolution in Wales
This Communiqué has been agreed by all members of the Commission.


Prof Bernd Spahn and Prof David Miles were members of the Holtham Commission

Prof Jim Gallagher was Secretary to the Calman Commission